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Calling All Mormons with MBAs!

I'm Alyssa Calder Hulme, a graduate student at the University of Chicago, and I'm conducting a research project focused on the experiences of religious women breaking into traditionally male-dominated spaces. I'm seeking volunteers to share their stories and insights to support and empower women entering the business world with MBAs.

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Research Details:


● Objective: To support and empower Mormon-affiliated women entering the workforce.


● Your Voice Matters: Your experiences can make a difference.


● Who We Need: Mormon-affiliated folks women at any stage of the MBA journey (considering, planning, enrolled, dropped out, on a break, or post-graduation).


● Contribution: Your insights will shape the future of women in business.


How You Can Help:


If you are a Mormon-affiliated woman or know someone who fits this description and is involved in the MBA process in any capacity, I invite you to schedule an hour to chat with me about your journey.


Contact Information:


For any questions or concerns, please contact me at


Thank You:


Your participation is invaluable in advancing understanding and supporting women's progress in the business world. I appreciate your contribution.

 Click HERE to schedule an interview! 

Tropical Leaves

Welcome to my page, where I share all the things! I have many interests that intersect at the junction of understanding humanity. 

As I have explored the world around me, I have come to believe that if we could only know each other's stories, we couldn’t help but have deep love and empathy for all we come in contact with.

That belief has served me in my work as a journalist, writer, podcaster, and now as a sociologist, where I get to go deep with the most beautiful humans and share their stories with the world. It has propelled me to share my own stories through podcasting, speaking, and writing because I understand I have a part to play in the story of humanity; every voice is important. ​

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